actually we are German

My first visit to Scotland was in September 2003, with the class from my professional school back then. Holy haggis, it has been nearly eleven years now. Back then my accent probably was even more noticable than it is today, and it has been described as stereotypically German by a friend from Georgia.1

Anyhow, we had just arrived in Edinburgh, unpacked our stuff and still had some time to have a look around the city, armed with cameras, cash, a map and a really good mood.

After walking about a bit we discovered a cozy little pub in Fleshmarket Close, the Halfway House.2

Halfway House Edinburgh


A few minutes in a married couple, obviously tourists, entered the pub. They had a good look around and eventually decided to stay and asked us what we were eating.We decided to have a drink and some food each and were not disappointed. After food3 and pints had arrived we settled down and started enjoyhaggis, stovies and beering our dinner.

I had to repeat my reply4 several times, and finally the man understood what I was saying. He turns to his wife and says: “I can’t understand this Scottish accent.”

The whole place was dead silent when I piped up:

Actually, we’re German.

Everybody in the pub had a good laugh at this, so I asked where they were from. It turns out the couple is Australian, which might explain the face the man made when I told him I was having haggis.

  1. I was a little disappointed, but he said it’d get me all the girls there, so… []
  2. I made a point of having a pint and a snack there every subsequent time I visited the city []
  3. Haggis for me and Stovies for Wassili and Hermann []
  4. and explanations []