Photography Friday – Summertime Refreshments

It’s been a while since my last photography friday for the awesome 52 photos project, but that’s okay because here’s a new one!

This week’s prompt is all about summertime refreshments. And what’s better than a cold drink, right?

Nowadays I drink mostly water because most juice and other storebought drinks with a taste are too sweet and I try to lay off the sugary soda/pop/carbonated drinks for circumferential reasons.  Not to mention they actually don’t taste that well if you think about it. They’re cold, fizzy and sweet. They don’t have an actual pleasing taste of their own.

Anyway, water it is. Mostly. To keep the temperature down I can keep a bottle or so in the fridge, but that’s only practical of sorts. So I got a new ice cube mold the other day. And since water isn’t the only thing you can freeze, why not add a bit of flavor to them? So I did buy a couple of bottles of juice to experiment with those.

Blood Orange Frozen Companion Cubes

Those cubes look familiar to you? Yes? Well, what do they remind you of? Send me a tweet or comment to tell me.

Photography Friday – powder blue

Well, dang it!

I missed another Photography Friday and the theme at 52 Photos Project would’ve actually suited me. I’m pretty sure I would’ve found something.

Anyway, this week’s theme is:

Powder Blue

By the time you read this, unless something really weird happens, I will not be the owner of my car anymore. I de-registered it Wednesday morning, and it’s going to be picked up and payed for Friday morning ((I am writing this blog post Thursday afternoon, because time!)).

According to the paperwork, the contract and what the manufacturer says, my car is gray ((grey, if you’re British)).

Satin Gray ((again, grey if you’re British)) Metallic.

I’ve always thought of it as kinda light blue ish.
For practical purposes, I am going to call it “Powder Blue”.

See for yourself in this neat little gallery, will ya?


Good bye, you’ve served me well these past 100.000 miles.

photography friday – the light arrived and opened like a rose garden

Hey everyone!

Yes, I am INDEED back from my vacation and ready to resume the photography friday schedule which I started and abandoned before going on vacation. Good, right?

So this week’s prompt, which you can review at 52 Photos Project, is what you can see up there as title for this post.

Light. Roses. Reading this immediately brought my vacation in Denmark a few years ago back to my mind.

So yeah, this is a little more literal, because hey: wild roses around sunset!

wild rose at sunset

wild rose at sunset

First Photography Friday! – FIRE

I decided to re-up with 52 Photos Project and conveniently enough the theme for the first week is an easy pic(k) for me. Or at least something where I have some choice from my archive to pick from.

Also I am going to disconnect those from my Wednesday schedule and decided to put them up Fridays, so there’s


ZOMG and all that.

I’ll also skip the next few photography fridays because I am going on vacation NEXT THURSDAY! Woo!

Okay, this week’s theme is…


I like taking action shots. Sports, music, jugglerss animals…everything that moves is something that fascinates me, photography wise. You can freeze a moment in time or show a movement in a still by capturing it with slower shutter speeds.

If light comes into play you got me hooked. Good for me to have friends involved in organizing reenactment stuff, medieval market festitivies and all that. Fire performers usually play a role at those things, and I got to take a few amazing pictures at such occasions.

Holy crap, that was 4 years ago.


Double Dragon Firebreathing

Double Dragon Firebreathing