All about them scales (parody lyrics)


I’ve always enjoyed parodizing things when I had a fun idea, so here’s another one based on “All About that Bass”

I’ve got more here and here.


Because you know I’m all about them scales
’bout them scales, no feathers
I’m all about them scales, ’bout them scales, no feathers
I’m all about them scales, ’bout them scales, no feathers
I’m all about them scales, ’bout them scales

Yeah, it’s pretty clear, I ain’t no cockatoo
But I can roar it, roar it like I’m suopposed to do
’cause I got that rough skin that all the birds miss
All the right claws and all the sharp teeth
I see the scientists, making up stuff and shit
We know that shit ain’t real
Come on now, make it stop
If you got teeth and claws just tear ’em up
‘Cause every scale of you is perfect
From the tail right to the top
Yeah, John Hammond he told me he spared no expense at all
He said, dinos don’t quack, chirp or produce some other bird calls
You know I won’t be no pigeon or stupid ass budgerigar
So if that’s what you’re into then go hug a mosasaur

Because you know I’m all about them scales…

A fun weekend

A fun weekend is what I had a few days ago. I did what I Like doing best. Among other things. I took Friday off work ((that’s always a doozy)) and drove to some friends’ place where I spent the weekend. With my friends.

We ate tasty food, annoyed ((and petted)) their cat, took pictures of said cat, let the cat annoy us in the wee hours when it was hungry but we were still tired. We went out for food and drinks, bought and drank Scotch and took pictures of Dinosaurs and animals ((of the fake and taxidermied or petrified persuasion)). Oh, and we went out for brunch on Sunday.

We spent loads of time just catching up, watched a few movies and in general had a bloody good time.

Here’s a few picutres from the weekend so you can all be jealous!

Warm kitty, soft kitty, not so little ball of fur…sleepy kitty…stu_2014 016

Alert kitty

stu_2014 020

The following we dubbed “Quasimeowdo”stu_2014 031

As you will see I always was that little boy who was into dinosaurs and stuff…

stu_2014 055


This one was kind of a weirdo, though…stu_2014 086


Excuse me Sir, do you have a moment to talk about our lord and saviour John Hammond? Cue Jurassic Park theme.stu_2014 059


And here’s one for the hedgehog nation! stu_2014 115




I suppose this is art.stu_2014 106


More Jurassic Park like stuff.stu_2014 080


This one looks like a very weird Romeo & Juliet adaption.

stu_2014 144


Another Weirdosaurus!stu_2014 064


And a shark!

stu_2014 140


Take your time, check out a museum of stuff you are interested in, go there with friends!