German with Olli – Pigs!

In today’s German lesson I shall ramble about naming animals again.

Turns out there’s quite an abundance of pigs in Germany.

Our word for pig is Schwein.
A piglet is a Ferkel.

We call guinea pigs Meerschweinchen which translates back to little sea-pig. Their bigger relatives, Capybara, we call Wasserschwein. Water-pig.

Then there’s Seeschwein¬†which translates to sea-pig as well. See is our word for lake or the sea depending on context and gender. Der See is the lake, die See is the sea. Seeschwein is a rarely used word for Dugong. Sometimes we also call it Seekuh = sea cow.

We also have stinger-pigs, Stachelschweine. Those are porcupines!
Finally there’s the Schweinswal. Pig-whale. You probably know it as harbor or common porpoise.

So many pigs. Man, I could totally do with a sausage now.

new camera and a trip to the zoo

Heya! Quite a few things have happened these days, and maybe I’ll blog about some of them.

My old camera ((my trusty EOS 40D)) went the way of all things and got claimed by wear and tear. It still took pictures, but some controls didn’t work the way they were supposed to anymore. Repair would’ve exceeded the current worth of it, so I thought about it for a few days and decided to go for the EOS 70D. It’s a little faster, more powerful and the control style is a little different due to the touch screen. The screen is one of those neat fold-out and angle to some sort of convenient degree if you need it. Easy on your back when taking pictures from weird angles. Also I’m looking forward to try out the wifi remote control features.

Anyway, I bought the camera and my trusty photographic needs provider even extended payment until he sold off my old camera an accessories on ebay, to deduct whatever he gets from my bill. Talk about awesome.

Anyway, let’s get to the results. I went to the zoo with friends last weekend and took oodles of pics featuring the residents. Amazed by the results I only cropped a few of those, played a little with contrast and brightness settings, maybe sharpened some, but that was pretty much it.

Now let’s see if the new wordpress update allows for flickr embedding!

Here’s a lynx!



An awesomly beautiful Smoke Jaguar that made me feel sorry for leaving my polarizer at home. Still beautiful.

Smoke Jaguar



Along with the Smoke Jaguar, the Firefoxes or Red Panda were probably my favorite. This one’s really chill!

Red Panda chill

Otterly adorable was this quirky little guy!Otter


That was only a small selection of the pictures I took there. The way the new camera behaves and takes pictures, I’m looking forward to share more of them in the foreseeable future.

If you want to see alpacas, zebras, meerkats, servals, sloths and some other pretty fellows, just click ONE OF THESE CAPITALIZED WORDS, THEY’RE A GIANT LINK TO THE PHOTOALBUM ON FLICKR!