A week ago I got a silly idea t work and I tweeted it. There’s not really any way to explain it without spoiling the fun, so here’s transcription of the tweets without the hashtags and stuff, I guess.


In my sensual dreams
I remove the outer shell
From your soft, sweet curves

Run my hungry tongue
Along the ridges and valleys
Of delighted flesh

Breathe your fragrance sweet
Soak it up into myself
Till I lose control

Nibbling at your skin
Digging deep with greedy tongue
In the wet inside

Ripping you apart
Piece by piece partake of you
Tear into your flesh


Oh man, I love oranges. Sure wish I had one right now.


German with Olli – naming animals

We’re probably as good at naming animals as we’re at stuff.

The German word for animal is Tier. Now you know half of naming a load of German animals.

Here’s a list of the best ones, I guess:

skunk – Stinktier – stink-animal
armadillo – Gürteltier – belt-animal
sloth – Faultier – lazy-animal
platypus – Schnabeltier – beak-animal
aye-aye – Fingertier – finger-animal

I’M NOT KIDDING YOU! Wait till I tell you about pigs!

German with Olli – Just German stuff!

If you read my blog, you might be aware of the #GermanWithOlli twitter feature I’m running three times a week. This is part of it.

You can check out the previous tweets if you want to!

As you see, German has some awesome words, and we’re really good at naming stuff.

And we’re in love with the word for stuff. The German word for that is Zeug. We love that word so much we use it in compound words all the time. Some really official, some a little colloquial, but they’re all legit.

Here’s a few examples:

vehicle = Fahrzeug = drive-stuff
airplane = Flugzeug = fly-stuff
ship = Schiff. Wait, that doesn’t belong here.

But there’s more: our word for toy is Spielzeug. Yup, play-stuff.
The less official ones might be Waschzeug = wash-stuff. Or toiletries. Like the kit that you take with you on vacation, camping or an overnight stay.
Bettzeug = bed-stuff = bedding. Linens, pillowcase, etc.

Schreibzeug = writing-stuff. If we tell you to get your Schreibzeug, we are talking about pen and paper to take notes.

That’s it for today, I hope you enjoy #GermanWithOlli

Maui 2015 – The last full day

My last day on Maui was pretty relaxed. I started by driving to Maalea Harbor again to check out the aquarium and its seafood restaurant ((no kidding)) and was pleasantly surprised.

The aquarium was fun, educational and a nice place to just sit down and relax. I honestly just spent half an hour sitting on a bench and reading, just enjoying myself.


When it was reasonably lunch-timey I went to check out the restaurant and damn! For an inside-tourist-trap ((zoos, aquariums, amusement parks etc usually have interesting ideas about food prices)) the service and price range was actually amazing.

And the food! Delicious!+ Just look at this beauty!WP_20150528_12_35_01_Pro


The rest of the day was spent driving around a few places that I’d had recommended for swimming, snorkeling, etc, but I guess traveling alone I should’ve prepared for those things differently. I didn’t regret it though. In the evening I went back to Whaler’s Village, Leilani’s again and decided to splurge for one last time.
It was glorious. I did have a very good waitress and probably was just way to comfortable for my own good, so I got a Mango Flow, got talked into trying the best sword fish tacos I could imagine and finished up with their sorbet trio, strawberry, mango-papaya and dragonfruit. That and the scenery made for a nice final evening of my vacation. Oh, and I also got to help recently arrived Australians to plan their time on Maui, confirming what the waitress told them about it being rather chilly up on Mt. Haleakala. That was fun!

And that pretty much wraps up my vacation. I mean, yes, I checked out of the hotel the next day, had a rather nice breakfast in Lahaina, got rid of my trusty rental jeep and flew back to San Francisco. I also got really lucky because my baggage had arrived with an earlier flight since I had checked in so early. That way I managed to get the last of the free shuttle buses to the hotel. It was after midnight, after all. The nearby McDonalds being closed put a dampener on things because I WAS kinda hungry, but what can you do?

The next day ways spent getting from San Francisco to Frankfurt, from Frankfurt to my parents place and from my parents place to mine. The next week was filled with the mother of all jetlags, and after a while I started blogging and BOOM, here we are, see you next time!


Maui 2015 – Sunrise on Mt. Haleakala

EosRoadtrip 2079

When going to Maui, bring gloves, a sweater, a jacket and a warm hat. You’ll need it. Trust me. Also book a trip up to Mt. Haleakala at sunset, it’s worth it. Also I’m not kidding about the temperatures. You’re roughly 10.000ft above sea level, it will be around freezing and there’s windchill to consider.

If you drive yourself, which I don’t recommend, leave at roughly 1am. Drop off your car, go to the wall on the right side of the visitor center/shelter thing. Gloves. Don’t forget gloves. Wait. Enjoy.
Seriously, though, book a bus tour. It’s a lot safer, we passed an accident on the way back down, you don’t want to be those guys. Also the bus drive I had was rather fun. I almost missed pickup though, because my travel voucher/confirmation said 2:45am and the phone in my hotel room rang at 2 sharp. Can’t remember the last time I got dressed this fast, luckily I had everything laid out. The bus trip (picking up people at various hotels included) up to the national park and the parking lot near the observation place was roughly 2 hours 30. Our bus driver chatted away happily, told stories, dropped us off, drove us back down again, told more stories, stopped at photo opportunities and restroom breaks. And of course for the really nice breakfast that was included. And he chatted A LOT, but it was fun. Even if all of us were dead tired. Apart from that there’s not really much to tell, so I’ll just leave you with the pictures, right?

Naturally I didn’t do that much for the rest of the day. What I did do was have dinner at the Hula Grill in Whaler’s Village. A Mai Tai, flatbread and a ginormous Hula pie. Dying just thinking about the tastiness.

WP_20150527_001 WP_20150527_002 WP_20150527_003

Maui 2015 – Snorkeling and hanging loose

As a substitute for my originally planned whale watching trip on Maui ((pro-tip: no humpbacks after mid-may, no whale watching trips on maui)) I had booked a snorkelling trip supposed to take me to Molokini and Turtle Arches. No turtles, though, since we stayed at Molokini the whole time. Captain’s decision because the weather was a bit choppy that day and we wouldn’t have seen much at the second stop.

EosRoadtrip 1622

The trip was booked via/organized by the Pacific Whale Foundation in Maalea Harbour and I have only good things to say about them. They were focused on safety and relaxation, gave us fruit and other stuff for breakfast, plenty of water, even a lunch and drink was included. The part that impressed me most and which made me tip generously: a choice diving masks with various diopters for the nearsighted. Like me. No additional surcharge. And they offered wetsuit tops to rent out for an additional tenner, which was totally acceptable. And is a good idea to avoid getting sunburned or cold from staying in the not that warm pacific for more than an hour. While the more experienced snorkelers dove off the various options of the boat, the captain himself offered a short lesson, introduction to snorkelling, covering tips and tricks, how to effectively use the equipment, how to be safe so that everyone would be able enjoy the swim with minimum hassle. Just brilliant.

PxRoadtrip 173

And that’s pretty much all that is to say. We enjoyed snorkelling, diving, swimming, paddling, looking at fishes we could even see from above the surface. Here’s a digest of pics from the half-day cruise!

That of course only covered half the day. The other half I enjoyed exploring Whaler’s Village in Lahaina, within walking distance from my hotel. I took pictures of birds, went to the whalers’ museum and had a burger at Leilani’s. Yum!




Maui 2015 – Road to Hana

I guess after leaving the continental states, the roadtrip title format won’t work anymore. And yet on my first day after arriving on Maui I did what? The famed Road to Hana trip. Staying at Kaanapali Beach I had to cross the island first, or I probably would’ve had to take two days for this thing.

Word of advice for everyone planning this trip: Leave early. Really early. Also don’t do it on Memorial day or any other holiday. It (probably) was more crowded than normal, and not being able to stop at some of the beautiful places, because the turnouts are already crammed with cars, will put a dampener on your mood. Still, driving almost all around Maui is a fun thing to do, and rather pretty. Especially the part after Hana, where the road gets adventure-y in some parts, and maybe not all that advisable with a non 4×4 car, depending on the weather. Even when it’s full of tourists, there’s plenty of places to stop, do a brief hike or check out a waterfall, beach or park like the Garden of Eden Arboretum where you might even find something you’ve seen in Jurassic Park.


Oh. And when on Maui, rent a Jeep. Because sometimes the road can be…adventurous.


You might also be persuaded to turn off at Brudda Hutt’s in Hana, for a traditional plate lunch cooked in a food truck. If you want cheap food, and lots, and have a robust stomach, go for it. If not, well it’s not something I would go out of my way to eat. At least I didn’t feel bad about eating an expensive steak at the hotel while watching the sun set that evening.

So that was kinda nice….

Roadtrip 2015 – No whales. Again.

After my disastrous experiences with trying to see whales up north I’d booked a whale watching boat trip for one of the days in San Francisco. The trip was pretty nice.

We passed under the Golden Gate Bridge twice ((obviously)) and coming back the weather was pretty good.

I saw plenty of birds, seals, sealions, even a few dolphins briefly.





To be fair, just before we got back into the bay, someone (even several people) allegedly saw a whale spout. We hung around a bit, someone saw it again, but I didn’t even see that.

So there’s that. The crew was nice and knowledgeable, though, explained a lot of stuff about the animals we saw and all that. But after a few hours I was seriously tempted to throw the captain overboard. Every now and then he’d go on the PA and shout “LET’S FIND A WHALE” followed by some other motivational bullcrap, always in the same, forced eager tone. Given my whale-related frustration on the trip that got old preeeetty quick.

But here, have a digest of the animals I did see. I liked that part, a lot of birds you usually don’t see and all that.

And that was it. Since Maui ((I’ll take you there in a few days)) was out of season my ((realistic)) chances of seeing a whale on this vacation where crushed. Again. But the day wasn’t over yet. In fact it got really awesome. I went back to the hotel to relax a bit. And, basically, wait. Reading. WP_20150523_001While that is always nice, it wasn’t the point. The point was, today wasn’t only my last full day in San Francisco, it was also the day I was scheduled to meet up with the lovely, awesome and delightful ((you should hear her laugh. ;-) )) Amira Makansi. If you don’t know her, she’s co-creator of the SEEDS book series, which you should check out.

Anyway, she took it upon herself to meet up with me, despite fighting off the remainder of what sounded like a pretty nasty cold and picked me up to have dinner in Japantown.

It.fried and smoked eggs, dumplings

fried and smoked eggs, dumplings






green tea crème brulée


And I’m not only talking about the food.

I really enjoyed spending time with Amira and hope to get to do that again. On either continent.

Bye, see you on Maui!

Roadtrip 2015 – Olli goes to jail

Most of this day was very unspectacularly and unsuccessfully spent trying to use a combination of sightseeing buses to get to Golden Gate Park. I somehow missed the bus in that direction and instead spent an hour or so here:EosRoadtrip 1135Not pictured: A million homeless people ((I doubt they were camping out for fun)) behind me.

After that (and some food) I just went back to the hotel and killed some time until I had to go to the ferry terminal to go to…ALCATRAZ!EosRoadtrip 1144jpgI’d booked an evening tour way in advance, and it was a pretty good thing to do. The tours are usually sold out weeks in advance, but I didn’t have to concern myself with that. It’s a fun and interesting trip down not so distant history, and the guides showing us around the area were fun and knowledgeable. The selfguided audio tour through the prison facilities themselves are amazing. Not only because they had a lot of background sounds like people shouting, rioting, clattering dishes, but the narrators were actually former inmates and wardens. Some of the things they tell makes you shiver involuntarily.

Anyway, here’s the pictures of the boat trip, wandering around the island and looking at cells AND coming back in darkness. Enjoy!


And of course, yes. I took a #cellfie ((spelling intended. Guide told us to do it!))WP_20150522_18_48_57_Pro



Roadtrip 2015 – Golden Gate

Today was mostly a day of exploring parts of San Francisco, I guess. But first things first: I had to return the rental car and make my way back down to the wharf, which, given the nature of San Francisco was quite exhausting. But I did see a few interesting things on the way which I’ll share with you. Those steep hills, the cathedreal in the middle of it…

After that I walked around a bit and took a few more pictures of ships and boats, an island and a sign. And afunny sign next to a motel.

Next up was the mandatory crossing of the Golden Gate Bridge and a bit of a disappointing walk through Sausalito ((why do people like this place so much?)), but I was able to sit around and read there, so that was nice.

I finished the day with trying to take pictures of the setting sun which didn’t turn out to bad, so all in all I’d say the day was a success!