Hiking and taking pictures

The title says it all I suppose. I did both things last weekends. AT THE SAME TIME!



Sorry, got a little carried away here.

There’s this socalled Eifelsteig hiking trail here which has – I think – 14 stages, the last one practically passing through my back yard. I’ve walked, climbed, scrambled and huffed my way through it twice this year1 and taken pictures along the way. Once in February and once in October, taking two different cameras with me. Because well…I had to get a new one recently.

The full stage is about fourteen miles, the part from the train station to where I live about ten, so that’s where I stopped. The last few miles are boring anyway.

The elevation change is about a mile, half of it going up, the other half down, thankfully not all of it on one go. You pass through forests, past boulders/cliffsides, a castle, a creek valley with bridges and stuff, it’s actually really pretty and kinda challenging, too. Footing can be tough sometimes, especially when it’s slippery or full of leaves, so take care.

And here’s the pictures! Woo!

hike 011

hike 030

hike 029

hike 016


hike 012

Trier_Hike 066

Trier_Hike 080




  1. yeah, I should be more active []