hedgehog nation

If you have been follwoing me on twitter for a while, you might have noticed the occasional tweet mentioning hedgehogs. Including the hashtags #HedgehogNation, #HedgehogArmy, #TeamHedgehog or variations of that. In one memorable occasion even #HedgehogPorn.

I didn’t invent any of those.

My personal #HedgehogLife on twitter was sparked by the awesome @CairnRodrigues and her gang of hedgies.1

I didn’t chose the hedgehog life, the hedgehog life chose me!

Then this happened:



So thanks to @LauraLeeSEO who inspired me to think about this some more2 , I had THIS commissioned3.

Hedgies of the world unite



Credit for this goes to the amazing @hananahammock !4

Spread the hedgehog love, promote the Hedgehog Nation, hedgehug somebody and 

Go team hedgehog!

Those little guys are not only adorable but also stand for everything good in the world:
The love of food5, books, interesting and funny conversations, being kind and awesome to each other and many other things.

Now please rise for the anthem of the great Hedgehog Nation.

O beautiful for green hedgerows,
For brownish heaps of leaves,
For hedgerow and bush majesties
Above the fruited dirt!
Hedgie Nation! Hedgie Nation!
God shed his grace on thee
And crown thy good with hedgehoghood
From bush to shrubbery!


  1. Cairn is the creator of the Solstice fantasy cycle, starting with The Last Prospector and the Light Stealer Song blog []
  2. you should totally check out her blog. It contains funny and thoughtful stories about failures small and big. Including a guest blog by me and other awesome people []
  3. because I am not exactly good at things that require manual skills and discipline like drawing and enjoy giving people money to do stuff they do better than I ever could []
  4. who you should not only follow on twitter if you like people who are smart, bonkers and funny, but also consider her youtube channel or her patreon site at http://www.patreon.com/hananahammock []
  5. cheese! []