sonnet 18 – Shall I compare thee to a pizza pie?

Inspired by the lovely and awesome and kind and funny and witty Jolene Haley

It’s kind of a hack job, but I’m reasonably happy with it, so without further ado about nothing… ;-)


Shall I compare thee to a pizza pie?
Thou art more sav’ry and delicious:
Hot oven bakes on temperature high
And pizza’s smell reminds to do the dishes.

Sometime too hot the peperoni burns
And often is its cheese complexion dark;
Yet for its taste my palate often yearns
Hunger, or everchanging app’tite, hark!

But thy eternal savor shall not wane,
Nor lose the toppings of the pie thou art
Nor shall thy dough be ever dry or plain
For ev’ryday you are lunch of my heart

So long as men can eat or nose can smell,
So long tastes this, and this gives taste to thee.

Olli the house builder

Yes. House. Me!

Well, I wont build it myself, I’ll have it built. But yes, I decided I want to get my own place, move back towards where I grew up and, OH MY GOD THIS IS HAPPENING.

Ok, breathe, Olli.

Here’s a timeline of what happened. About 6ish years ago I moved away from the place I grew up and into a rental appartment with my then girl-friend. It was the right thing to do, I don’t regret it. GIrlfriend stuff didn’t work out, but living alone was pretty neat. I was happy. Had you suggested to me to get my own house or buy a condo or something, I would have laughed it off.

Then, one weekend, I had a head cold and took a long bath with essential oils, eucalyptus, camphor and that stuff. Looking around the bathroom, I had my first epiphany.

“Hm. It’ll probably be difficult to get the landlords to renovate the bathroom.”

Followed by thoughts like “Well, I should probably at least consider not renting for the rest of my life” and “If I had my own place, the kitchen wold be a lot nicer.”

That same weekend I messaged my sister1 to see what she’d think about building a two-unit house to save on infrastructure and stuff. She liked the idea but their plans were already pretty fixed and wouldn’t have allowed for that. Starting with the building lot being too small for that.

I put my plan to rest for a bit, but it didn’t leave me. Then, when my toilet broke2 and I waited two weeks for my landlords to get it fixed, it broke out again.

I thought stuff like “if this was my place, I could’ve had it fixed by my dad or just called plumbers until one of them came in”.

Next I found myself researching construction companies, architects, loan conditions, central heating technologies and boom, one weekend in fall 2015 I told my nonplussed parents about my plan.

A few days after that I actually found a suitable building lot via local classifieds. Agreed on a price, started planning possible house layouts with a construction company.

Then the bank stuff began. I had a first loan offer, a panic attack, a second loan offer based on the reduced price of a slightly different house layout (original idea didn’t fit on the lot), more panic attacks when trying to find out if I could afford it.
Turns out I can.

Loans got approved by the bank and now I’m waiting for various paper work so I can finalize the land purchase, get the building people started and the kitchen plan finalized.



  1. who currently lives in Malaysia and will get her own place with her boyfriend when they’re back in a few years []
  2. no big deal, just inconvenience []

Olli the writer

First of all, sorry. I neglected my blogging duties far too…wait, does anyone even read these? Hello? Anybody out there?

Eh, whatever.

I stopped blogging regularly in September 2015. Which is weird, because there’s one blog post I actually wanted to do. I suppose I got caught up in stuff.1.

Many things happened. I did stuff, got to know awesome people, travelled some more2.

And, in September, I got published.

Here’s how it happened: Ages ago, I got inspired to write a story. I put it on my blog, asked people to read it, got some pretty nice feedback. Then I went on my infamous West Coast US vacation. On my first day I met up with Jennifer Brozek who I first met as a web comic character, then as a poster in a forum, then … well, things escalated and I think we’re friends now! :-D

We had dinner at the Space Needle, and as these things go, we chatted about writing. I mentioned the story and, guess what, Jennifer said: “Ooh, I think I remember that story. Is it the one where…?”
Me: “Yeeees?”
Jennifer: “Submit it. Maybe I’ll buy it.”
I submitted it when I returned and boom, a few month later I was a published author.

You can read “The Rescue” here.

Since then I’ve written two more stories inspired by various conversations, things and showers, and I’ve submitted both to various markets, with mixed success. I did get a few very encouraging personal rejections, and my writing got called “super super cute” among other things.

Since I’m not really a regular, an established writer or anything else but a hobbyist with a lack of discipline and a full time job, the rejections didn’t bother me that much, but I was kinda eager to get at least one of my stories, “Pads for his throne” out there.

Chance had it that I talked to Ivy Tara Blair, who loved the story and expressed interest in it.
She’s aweome. Get her audio books and listen to them. Special recommendation for A.K. Makansi’s “The Sowing”.

Anyway, that and the endless support and encouragement of other friends made me consider self-pubbing somewhere else than the blog.
I was hesitant, still am a little because it’s less than 4000 words. But one idea followed another, so here’s the current plan/status.

  • find editor, have story edited – CHECK
  • find illustrator and cover artist – in progress
  • create amazon author page – tbd
  • publish illustrated ebook – tbd
  • publish print-on-demand illustrated short story/coloring book – tbd
  • have audio book created – tbd
  • publish audio book – tbd
  • strike things of bucket list I never thought I’d do – tbd


Watch this space for news as events progress!

  1. lazy. I got lazy []
  2. yes, again! []

Cable storage tip!

Long story short: I found a bag of ziploc baggies of various sizes while looking for a certain USB cable.

Cables are pesky. Very. They tangle up on themselves and with each other, and you never find the one you need, because it’s knotted up with one that you don’t. So here’s a little idea:
Get a bunch of ziploc bags of various sizes. Spool up your cables. Dump them (and any small gadgets like USB wifi adapters, small chargers, etc) in a ziplop each, throw them all in the same drawer/box. Repeat whenever you find a cable/charger lying around that you’re not using within the next 24 hours.

– You’ll always know where to look
– bags are transparent, so you’ll always see what’s in them, easy to locate that ONE cable
– no tangling, easy rummaging