Maui 2015 – Snorkeling and hanging loose

As a substitute for my originally planned whale watching trip on Maui1 I had booked a snorkelling trip supposed to take me to Molokini and Turtle Arches. No turtles, though, since we stayed at Molokini the whole time. Captain’s decision because the weather was a bit choppy that day and we wouldn’t have seen much at the second stop.

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The trip was booked via/organized by the Pacific Whale Foundation in Maalea Harbour and I have only good things to say about them. They were focused on safety and relaxation, gave us fruit and other stuff for breakfast, plenty of water, even a lunch and drink was included. The part that impressed me most and which made me tip generously: a choice diving masks with various diopters for the nearsighted. Like me. No additional surcharge. And they offered wetsuit tops to rent out for an additional tenner, which was totally acceptable. And is a good idea to avoid getting sunburned or cold from staying in the not that warm pacific for more than an hour. While the more experienced snorkelers dove off the various options of the boat, the captain himself offered a short lesson, introduction to snorkelling, covering tips and tricks, how to effectively use the equipment, how to be safe so that everyone would be able enjoy the swim with minimum hassle. Just brilliant.

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And that’s pretty much all that is to say. We enjoyed snorkelling, diving, swimming, paddling, looking at fishes we could even see from above the surface. Here’s a digest of pics from the half-day cruise!

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That of course only covered half the day. The other half I enjoyed exploring Whaler’s Village in Lahaina, within walking distance from my hotel. I took pictures of birds, went to the whalers’ museum and had a burger at Leilani’s. Yum!




  1. pro-tip: no humpbacks after mid-may, no whale watching trips on maui []

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  1. Hammergeile Unterwasserfotos! Aber du hättest ruhig ein bisschen verwegener gucken können.

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