Roadtrip 2015 – Olli goes to jail

Most of this day was very unspectacularly and unsuccessfully spent trying to use a combination of sightseeing buses to get to Golden Gate Park. I somehow missed the bus in that direction and instead spent an hour or so here:EosRoadtrip 1135Not pictured: A million homeless people1 behind me.

After that (and some food) I just went back to the hotel and killed some time until I had to go to the ferry terminal to go to…ALCATRAZ!EosRoadtrip 1144jpgI’d booked an evening tour way in advance, and it was a pretty good thing to do. The tours are usually sold out weeks in advance, but I didn’t have to concern myself with that. It’s a fun and interesting trip down not so distant history, and the guides showing us around the area were fun and knowledgeable. The selfguided audio tour through the prison facilities themselves are amazing. Not only because they had a lot of background sounds like people shouting, rioting, clattering dishes, but the narrators were actually former inmates and wardens. Some of the things they tell makes you shiver involuntarily.

Anyway, here’s the pictures of the boat trip, wandering around the island and looking at cells AND coming back in darkness. Enjoy!

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And of course, yes. I took a #cellfie2WP_20150522_18_48_57_Pro



  1. I doubt they were camping out for fun []
  2. spelling intended. Guide told us to do it! []

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