Roadtrip 2015 – Golden Gate

Today was mostly a day of exploring parts of San Francisco, I guess. But first things first: I had to return the rental car and make my way back down to the wharf, which, given the nature of San Francisco was quite exhausting. But I did see a few interesting things on the way which I’ll share with you. Those steep hills, the cathedreal in the middle of it…

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After that I walked around a bit and took a few more pictures of ships and boats, an island and a sign. And afunny sign next to a motel.

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Next up was the mandatory crossing of the Golden Gate Bridge and a bit of a disappointing walk through Sausalito1, but I was able to sit around and read there, so that was nice.

I finished the day with trying to take pictures of the setting sun which didn’t turn out to bad, so all in all I’d say the day was a success!

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  1. why do people like this place so much? []

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