Olli’s Saturday School – bumblebees up my bum

I’ve covered various German figures of speeches and idioms before, but currently another one is on my mind.

Hummeln im Hintern.

Translation: bumblebees in the bum

When kids are restless and wont sit still for some reason, or when you are anxiously waiting for something and are all antsy about it, or when you’re eager to start doing something and are all excited about it, or when you simply can’t just sit down and relax but have to do SOMETHING, you have bumblebees up your bum,

I currently have Hummeln im Hintern due to planning my vacation that starts in freaking five months. I’ve booked my flights, rental cars, a few hotels, I’ve contacted friends that I want to meet and I’m waiting on my booking confirmation. I’ve also found a pretty awesome Seattle-based whalewatching tour since I’ll be arriving on Maui after the Humpbacks will all have migrated away.

And now I just can’t wait for it to get closer and closer. I suffer from acute and chronic Reisefieber. Travel-fever.

Yup. I have bumblebees up my bum!


1 thought on Olli’s Saturday School – bumblebees up my bum

  1. Say hello to Moby Dick for me. Have a great vacation you bumblebees-fortified you.

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