a dime short and a day late

‘Twas a bright autumn day, when Olli craved for a cold and caffeinated beverage. He grabbed two 50c coins from his wallet and cheerfully started his trek towards his friend the drink vending machine downstairs. Waddling down the stairs he played with the coins in his palms. Passing his coworkers enjoying a cup of coffee at the bottom of the stairs our intrepid hero waved them a friendly hello.

Before entering the hallway guarding the common room and kitchen that was home to the vending machine, he stopped dead in his tracks.

Turning about he meekly asked his coworkers: „Does anyone have 10c? I forgot it got more expensive.“

His gentle and beautiful coworker from the marketing department was glad to help out, while everyone grinned at our hero’s oversight.

„With my luck the machine will be empty“, he quipped and walked towards the glass door separating him from the machine offering bottled soft drinks in exchange for currency. A column of red lights glared at him malevolently, indicating the barren waste of the soulless machine’s empty hold.

Cursing the machine and it’s makers and his fate and everything in his way he went back to the smirking coworkers, returned the shiny coin he just had obtained and sullenly trundled back up to his desk.

“Only Fanta left”, he mumbled. “I don’t like Fanta.”


True story.

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