Olli’s Saturday School – Let the music play

How about some neat words about the instrument I play?
It’s this one:
A tuba. Or Tuba in German.1
It’s a brass wind, or what we a Blechblasinstrument.
Due to its size friends of me called it Mülleimer = trashcan occasionally.
Or Musikalischer Auspuff. That’s German for musical exhaust pipe.
They were just teasing me. In fact you can do a lot of funny things with it, just as with every other instrument. It’s rather heavy though, sometimes I wish I’d learned the trombone or Posaune instead.
The tuba is situated somewhere in the back, among the group we call tiefes Blech or low brass. Although the word Blech actually means sheet metal, often in a condescending or demeaning way. Blech reden – to talk metal is an expression that means to say something that’s nonsense or dumb or inappropriate.
The actual word for the material brass is Messing.
Really, I’m not messing around here. I WAS messing around on twitter earlier, look!
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