of squirrels and men

This is a squirrel:


Or rather a picture of a squirrel1 I took in Hyde Park, London, in 2012.

Apparently us Germans2 have trouble pronouncing that word correctly. Some people find an immense joy in this.


Some people have to learn, that goading or taunting me, or calling what they think is me bluffing, is not always a good idea.
Granted, one of these people might be yours truly, but that is not the subject of this blog.



Well, about two weeks later, I remembered this exchange.


I did my part, now I’m waiting.



Update: Two of my friends oversease have risen to the challenge. See their valiant and quite successful endeavors here:

Cairn Rodrigues mangles the German language in squirrely ways

Lady Squirrelicorn squirrels up a unicorn. or something.

  1. well, two []
  2. and other German-speaking Europeans []

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