road trip poetry

It’s limerick time again!

Some of you might remember that I’ve been on vacation last month.1

If you are unsure or want to revel in my past musings, you can read a brief outline of my trip or dive deep into facts and stats.

I’m not sure if I got the idea to make a limerick retelling of the trip while travelling or even before. Probably even before I started, since I do have a history with those things.2

Without further ado, let’s go!


We did not dwell for long in Florida2014-05-15 21.09.24
The handle’s pan of ‘merica
Gatortail was had
Tasted really rad
T’was just the start of our holida’


We took an alligator tallyEos_Gatortail 045

In Georgia’s Alligator Alley3
Not even in a zoo
Gators we saw two
But ate no alligator taily


In South Carolina’s South of the BorderEos_Gatortail 087
Pedro seems to have a tack disorder
We spent our first night4
Amidst neon light5
But we had perfect steaks cooked to order6

Eos_Gatortail 193

North Carolina turned our road trip
Twice in one day into a boat trip
The sun we saw set
Without getting wet
From the top deck of our ship


The Virginia Beach Eos_Gatortail 296concièrge had plenty trouble
Britt’ny tried to summon transportation rabble
Gave us taxi cash instead
So we’d fin’lly get ahead
and escape the automatic hotline system bubble


Eos_Gatortail 829

We came to Washington D.C.
The President we did not see
Saw Discovery instead
Space Shuttle, it said
No joyride though, we didn’t have a key

Pennsylvania’s Philly has lot’s to show at allEos_Gatortail 1045
There’s Liberty Bell and Independence Hall
Cheese steak’s good as well
Trav’llers and natives tell
Rocky’s there to tell of Stallone’s fall.

2014-05-28 05.27.21Up New York City’s Empire State we went
With many a tourist up we were pent
I let one rip
On the down trip
For eighty floors we shared the scent7

Thus ends our trip in Niagara Falls, Ontario2014-05-30 19.25.08
We played some golf in a Dinosaur scenario
We ate poutine
To break routine
And paid the turnstile tax to get back home which took us ages because we had spent all our cash so I had to in fact get Canadian change with the American money I got at the border crossing ATM but the change machines only accepted fives and ones and all it gave me was a twenty for fuck’s sake8



That’s all, folks!


  1. it’s not like I haven’t told anyone []
  2. check them out . you know you want to []
  3. look it up, it’s actually a street []
  4. the first night on the road []
  5. actually in the motel room []
  6. tasty []
  7. At least I didn’t create a limerick about the homeless guy masturbating himself to sleep on the sidewalk that one night.  []
  8. seriously, not many rhymes for Ontario []

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