every trip has an inside joke – @wacie – #gatortail

And it’s true. On pretty much all the trips I took with friends we had an inside joke of sorts.

Fun fact: I don’t think I had an inside joke on the trip I took with my ex.

One of the inside jokes I will always remember fondly is “Miss Death Valley”.

In 2007 I went to the United States for the first time.

The story of how I ended up going with one of my internet friends (we’d met twice in person before going on that trip) is funny enough on its own.

Here’s the short version:

Jess via IM: “Hey, what are you doing?”
Me: “Looking up offers for holidays, but the single room surcharge is kind of off-putting”
Jess: “Where to, and when?”
Me: “Western US, this summer”
Jess: “I’ll come with ya.”
Me: “Yay!”

Said and done, we’d synchronized time off, booked, met up at the airport, shared rooms, saved US$350 each and had a blast. ((we had enough fun to do it again when I had to find a replacement to go on an already booked holiday with me instead of my ex))

We flew into Las Vegas and had a day off to explore while part of the group ((yes, it was one of those prebooked group trips, don’t judge me)) had booked a day trip to Death Valley.

At breakfast next day we overheard part of the group chatting.
“So how was Death Valley?” – “Uh, ok, I guess. A little boring. Nothing but heat, sand and rocks.”

We really did have trouble containing our…let’s say glee. And Miss Death Valley ((who turned out to not be the brightest, but very entertaining at times)) was born.

It still comes up in conversations 7 years later. “Remember Miss Death Valley?” – “Yeah, haha! What did she expect? Rollercoasters? It’s not called Death Valley for nothing. ”

For those who are still not clear about the subject here’s a visual guide:

Not Death Valley

Not Death Valley


Actually Death Valley

Actually Death Valley

The trip I’ll be starting tomorrow ((I’M SO EXCITED)) won’t have Miss Death Valley, but it will have gatortail. Yup. An Alligator’s tail. Battered and deep fried.
There’s not really much to it, I guess, if you look at it from an objective point of view.

But it is something exotic to me, and when @wacie promised to take me to eat gatortail, it became a symbol of my pre-trip excitement.


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