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I’ve been reluctant to put up a list of my travels, but I figure it’s handy for me so I can keep track of things or easily remember/look up if I need something specific. Also the way the extraordinary @outseide posted her list after asking for things to blog about, I guess I can at least return the favor.

Oh, by the way, if there’s something you’d like to know about me, or maybe even want me to blog about, feel free to comment/tweet/etc. Always on the lookout for ideas.

Travel has pretty much always been something I’ve done. In a way. Since my mother is French, my sister and I ((and often our parents as well)) spent at least part of our holidays each year in France, so I won’t list those trips year by year. I’ve been to various parts of France and of course I’ve travelled a lot around Germany, for business or just to visit friends and relations. I’ve been to The northern and southernmost parts as well to the East, West and middle. I also won’t count Luxembourg since it’s about 10 miles away and I go there every other week to get fuel for my car since it’s cheaper there.

My first non-family trip must’ve been in 1995 or 1996 on a student exchange to Selle-Sur-Cher in France ((so yes, I’ve been to France without it being a family thing))

the first trip of our school orchestra, our new headmaster was keen on working with schools abroad, so we went to Olkusz, Poland.

-school orchestra trip to Alingsas, Sweden

– school orchestra trip and my first commercial flight ((a Balkan Air TU-154 iirc)) to Burgas, Bulgaria

– school orchestra, Poland
– Tuscany, Italy with my graduation class

-school orchestra, we started the day after my graduation and went to Poland again.

– that might be the only year that didn’t take me abroad for a vacation, but I did go to Northern Germany with a friend for a week, between Military Service and apprenticeship

– career school trip to Scotland
– a trip with an orchestra I played in, to a Belgian/Dutch enclave town

– another trip to Scotland with a friend I’d made in career school

2005 (Italy-Year)
– I went to Rome (Italy) on a business trip and nearly got stranded there, I’ll probably tell this story some other time
– attended the wedding of an internet friend in Tivoli, Italy
– went to Edinburgh, Scotland. Hogmanay/New Year’s Ever party, saw Hayseed Dixie in concert

2006 (island-year)
– a business trip to Ireland
– vacation in Iceland
– visiting my cousin in Manchester, England ((the time I had no boarding pass for my flight))

– business trip to Mallorca/Majorca, Spain
– a trip around the South-Western USA ((Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Los Angeles))

– an uncle’s birthday in France
– Graspop Festival in Dessel, Belgium ((Dessel, Rock City))
– visiting my cousin in Manchester again, breaking my toe and going to West Yorkshire and Wales

– travelling around Scotland with a friend
– a “business” trip to Budapest, Hungary ((I got VIP tickets to the Red Bull Air Race))

– I’ve been to a zoo in France
– a week or so in Vorupor, Denmark, relaxing and driving around, seeing things and places
– gone sailing with my team at work in the Eijsselmeer, Netherlands

– a vacation in Ireland

– a trip to Switzerland with a youth orchestra
– another trip to the zoo in France
– business trip to Cascais and Lisbon, Portugal
– visiting various internet friends on a roundtrip in Southern England, seeing London and Stonehenge for the first time

– road trip with “internet friends” through Belgium, France and England to Cardiff, Wales, so we could go to the Doctor Who Experience. Saw Stonehenge on the way back
– went to New Zealand and Norfolk Island ((small island, South Pacific, descendants of the Bounty mutineers, lovely place)) with a coworker. Driving around the North Island with campervans on the first part, staying at an internet friend’s place

– a trip to England (Milton Keynes, Oxford, London) with the youth orchestra I went to Switzerland with
– my great US East coast road trip from Jacksonville Florida to the Niagara Falls
– visiting friends and family in the UK

– my US West coast road trip from Seattle to San Francisco with a few days in Maui on top.

So, yeah. I don’t think I missed anything, and even if I did…psh. Whatever. :-D I’ll try to remember updating this.

If you want to see pictures or hear stories about a specific trip, let me know. :-)

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