If you read my first blog post you might guess that one thing that has almost fascinated me about the internet is the possibility to connect to people you would never had met without it.

And I’ve done a lot of that. Web chats, forums, IRC, online games of one sort or the other. Some people I met randomly, others via common friends and acquaintances.

Social networking websites and -media has boosted those possibilities in the past decade and twitter is one of the most interesting services around for that.

The character limit and the possibility to tweet at people that don’t actively follow require a certain brevity and clarity in your communication that enables to strike up conversations really quick because you HAVE to get to the point.

Despite the limit it is surprisingly easy to have meaningful conversations as well as enjoying hilarious banter.

Here’s something that has entertained me a lot in the past few days, and thanks to everyone involved.



Oh, and if you are looking for more twitter fun besides my non marriage, there’s @CairnRodrigues youtube show twitterati! :)

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